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Children of the field Book 1

Excerpt from the book:

Was redemption just a fantasy seen through rose-colored glass? Was the glass really rose-colored or simply smeared with dried blood thinned by tears loved ones shed for the lost souls who had unwillingly bequeathed it?

Whom would he be after it was all over?  Could he find his way back to some semblance of normal, something close to the man he used to be? Or would he have to live with what he had become? The questions weighed heavily on Brick’s mind, and the fact that he couldn’t even begin to answer them made him feel as though he teetered on the edge of the Grand Canyon as the ground crumbled beneath his feet.

Brick Redstone is a college senior born with genetic enhancements that allow him to pass through solid matter, among other abilities, and is kidnapped because of them. He changes everything about himself to work with the woman who abducted him in order to fulfill his family’s vendetta against the organization that killed his mother and changed the rest of them forever.

He must do it quickly because if his girlfriend and his sister find his captor’s armored fortress before he is ready, they will die in the rescue attempt. To make things worse, another force works in the background to destroy everything Brick wants to accomplish. A force none of them could have foreseen—no one except his father.

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The stuff I write

I have always been a sci-fi guy, a fantasy guy, and a whatever-it-takes-to-escape-reality guy. Reality kind of smacks you in the face when you grow up in ‘da hood, especially when you’re a nerd. I consumed books like they were milk. I know, you expected me to say water, right? But if you hold a seance and ask my mother, she would agree with milk because I went through a gallon every other day.

Growing up, my vivid imagination never got me into trouble, but it didn’t help out either, except with my English teachers. They loved the crap out of me because I could craft a good story, even when writing book reports. They always liked the spin I put on them.

My History teachers, not so much. Just between you and me, they needed to loosen up a bit. Facts don’t have to be stuffy. Make them fun and more people will enjoy learning. I know some of my classmates enjoyed my reports and they came to me later to confess they learned a few things about the topic I discussed. Go figure, right? 

Then I discovered D&D, Call of Cthulu, and Star Frontiers, all tabletop RPGs from the 80s, a whole new group of people like me (I was the only one who played football, though), and new worlds in which to lose myself. Talk about being in heaven. When I became a DM (Dungeon Master), I really let my creative juices flow by creating whole new fantasy, horror, and sci-fi worlds for my group of friends to explore.

It has taken many years but I finally got around to putting some of those ideas on paper. The more I write, the more ideas pop into my head. As a result, I have more WIPs (Works in Progress) than finished projects and I haven’t even gotten to my dream diary yet (yes, I keep one on my nightstand). I am currently working to resolve that particular dilemma, so watch out for more!

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